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There are some traits some guys exhibit these days which ladies find repulsive. Though, some guys engages in such act without knowing it's wrong, while others just feel it's a norm. I've come up with a list, if you're a guy and you fall under this category, please desist from it and try to mend your ways

An incident happened few days ago, when I went to a restaurant to get a decent meal. As the lady was attending to me, a guy sashayed in with his friend and the following conversation ensued:

Guy: hello, how are you?

Me: i'm fine, thank you.

Guy:you're pretty.

Me: thank you.

Guy:what's your name?

Me: Bami

(As I was about paying for my meal he cuts in)

Guy: don't worry, I will pick up the bill.

I smiled because I knew what he was getting at, so I politely declined and thanked him for his kind gesture. He insisted and then I asked him why he was hell bent on paying for my meal. Then he said something shocking.

Guy:you're a beautiful girl, you should not be paying for your meal while I'm here.

I gazed at him surprisingly, if he had known the kind of person I was, he wouldn't have uttered that statement. Apparently, he had tried that with other girls in past. Then I heard his friend whispering to him to make sure he gets my mobile number.  I knew that was what he was up to in the first place, but I kept my calm and offered my money to the attendant the second time. He told her not to collect the money from me, insisting that he was going to pay. Then I lost my cool, this guy was already creating a scene, he snatched the money from the attendant and shoved it into my shopping bag that was with me. I shouted at him to stop embarrassing me and I went outside to pay to the madam, but this guy still followed me and even suggested that he was going to drop me at home with his car. After much drama, I paid the madam, and of course I didn't give him my number.

Ok guys, I get it, you want act like mister nice guy,like the one I just described up there just to impress a new girl you just met. Trust me, I understand.  But there should be a boundary. How can you just offer to pick up the bill of a girl you just met because you think she's pretty, isn't that shallow? Please this is really embarrassing ok? So far the girl didn't ask you for help, please respect yourself and keep your money to yourself. It's not even as if you want to pay the money genuinely, it's because of the lady's contact you want to get, so why not just be upfront about it instead of hiding under the cloak of 'Mr Nice Guy'? Trust me guys, most ladies find this disgusting, so please drop it.

Really guys? Like this is really bad please. You don't just expect a girl to come to your crib on a first date. I mean courtesy demands that a first date should always be in a public place, so why will you invite a girl to your crib giving silly excuses like 'you're a very private person and you don't like hanging out' please this is really wrong and outright rude ok? The kind of society we live in doesn't even encourage that. What if you're a ritualist or a rapist? The girl would always get blamed for visiting a guy she knows nothing about in the first place. So if you know you have nothing up your sleeves, never suggest your place as the venue of a first date.

Side note to the ladies please:never go to a guy's place for a first date. There's a new trick out now,in fact it's an old trick where some guys lace the drinks of their female guests just to have their way with them. Please protect yourself. If you're not comfortable with the venue of the date, tell him about it and suggest a place where you guys can talk. If he's not cool with this and insist on you coming to his crib instead, drop him like he's hot, he's obviously a douche bag.

Ever wonder why some girls always reply your messages late or at times just ignore? Well it's because they find you boring. You can't keep asking the same questions over and over again and even type in  abbreviation and expect a girl to take you serious. Some guys can't even maintain an intellectually stimulating conversation, it's that bad. So how exactly do you expect the girl to find you thrilling? And for the love of God, please stop typing in abbreviations.  You're lettered ain't you? So start acting as such. I'm a serious sapiosexual, and I always find guys with these traits as shallow.  I see philosophical conversations as foreplay. So guys, work on your vocabulary and improve your conversation skills. Make love to the girl's mind with intelligent words.

Ok, I get it. Your father is a billionaire and your mother is the younger sister of Otedola, trust me I understand! But don't go around rubbing it on people's faces. The annoying one is when a guy approaches a lady and the next thing he utters is 'baby I want to take care of you' . Did she ask for your help? Or does she look like she's suffering? Please you need to change the mentality that ,the only way through a girl's heart is money and start working on your personality.  Personality works for me any time any day over looks or any other thing. Make her fall for your personality, not your account balance. Don't impress her with your wealth, so what happens when you go broke and she leaves you ? It's because you've painted a false image of yourself, and that was what she was interested in,in the first place.

I hope you know it's disgusting when you touch a girl who is not your partner suggestively while having a conversion with her right?. Please keep your hands to yourself next time. It is totally rude when you keep doing that ok? I used to make my hair at a male hairstylist's place , but this guy can never keep his hands to himself, there was a day I shouted at him and brushed his hands off angrily )after warning him several times to stop touching me. That was the end of my visits to his salon. So next time you're having a conversation with a girl, please keep your hands to yourself instead of touching her suggestively and tapping current.

Please, if you've just met a girl, don't go around calling her different pet names, i'm sure I don't have to spell it out. Just address her by her name. Most girls find this irritating when a guy they've just met is constantly reeling out different pet names to address them. Please stop it, it is very disgusting.

Ladies in the house, what do you think?

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