by - November 30, 2017


Women are powerful, they are created in God's image just like men; though men and women are different biologically. But women sometimes do not acknowledge this power they possess, and will at times look for the easy way out. Can we really blame them? Is it entirely their fault?
How exactly has the society made women acknowledge the fact that the only power they can wield is BOTTOM POWER? What is bottom power?it is a slang coined by Nigerians which simply means the power a woman who uses her sexuality to gain favours from men wields. To get a clearer picture, i'm talking about a woman who gets things on a platter of gold because of what she can exchange (her body)in order to get the things she desires. She's not handed that thing (whatever she seeks) based on her intelligence, her strength, her creativity or her talent;but it is based on her willingness to readily part her legs and in some cases uses her feminine wiles to her advantage. With the analysis stated herein, can we really call Bottom Power a real power?

How has the society contributed to this vice? It starts with the orientation each and everyone of us has which is :It's a man's world, so the world definitely revolves around men. Women are taught by their parents to see a man as the superior being, so as a result of this, they hide under the fact that since they are considered as the lesser being; they really don't have to strive as hard as men to get things done and turn their sexuality into a magnet to attract benefit. In the African society,women have internalised the fact that success is gender based and whatever they can acquired will be entirely linked to a man's effort. Of course, this wrong and the fallacy of the highest order. A woman can be as successful as man irrespective of her gender, because a man wasn't born with a successful gene, same way a woman wasn't born with a cooking  and cleaning gene. Men and women are created equally, but societal norms exaggerates that one gender is superior to other.

As a result of this,we have ladies all over who believe their greatest asset is their body which will ultimately secure their happiness. They have no dream or ambition, they despise any intellectual setting. Their main focus is to enhance their physical appearance to hook the highest bidder. Now, it is not a crime to look good. There is a popular adage that says ' you will be addressed the way you're dressed' so looking good is actually good business. But it becomes a problem when the sole purpose of a woman to  look good is because of what she stands to gain from the opposite sex. This has served as a catalyst for ladies to compete amongst themselves to get a loaded man(rich). It would have been nicer if the competition was about getting a good job based on their level of intelligence, talent or ability.

These set of women (those who wield the bottom power) have accepted the fact that their sexual organs automatically makes them powerful. I ask again, can we really blame them? The society has encouraged this. We tell our female children from a very young age not to be too ambitious, we teach them men will run away from them if they become too successful, so in order not to end up old and lonely, they have to limit their cravings for excellence.  We praise male children about their academic performance, but we tell the female children that whatever degree they earn will end up in the kitchen with them. So how exactly are they supposed to see the opposite gender as their equal and thrive hard just like them to make ends meet, instead of seeing them as automatic ticket to success?

The world is gradually encouraging gender equality which can actually put an end to this vice,but in the African society;it is still seen as a taboo. In Nigeria, the bill titled "Gender Parity and Prohibition Of Violence Against Women" was presented by Abiodun Olujimi in 2016. But the Nigerian senate blocked the bill, because they see it as an insult if equality is being introduced and will definitely make them feel emasculated. So how can this vice become a forgotten issue? It starts with you and I, when we begin to see both genders as equals.

So we all want this menace to go into extinction right? It begins with how we raise our female kids. Teach them what self esteem means, make them strive like their male counterparts for whatever they want, teach them the dignity in labour, teach them never to see their sexual organs as the easy way out. Let them have ambitions, support their dreams, don't tell them to limit their quest for excellence because they are girls. And above all, make them understand the fact that success is not sexually transmitted and they can be successful irrespective of their gender. We all have to reorientate our mindset and acknowledge the fact that bottom power is not a real power ,and can never be the easy way out.

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