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I asked the Lord for a compensation
He heard my cry and granted me words
He gave me beauty for ashes

When you see God, tell him I said Hi

Tell him i'm happier now
Tell him I no longer fret about my mirage
Tell him I continually find solace in words
Tell him it's the greatest gift ever
It's that wall I've built to shelter myself from the horror of existence

Words:the only thing that keeps me sane
I keep basking in it's euphoria every second
But you have no idea how it means the world to me

I play with words, because I always find a soothing closure
I asked the Lord for a compensation
And he gave me words for ashes.

Happy new year lovelies. It's a been a long break, and I'm so happy to be back. Last year was a hell of roller coaster, so many things happened that I didn't have control over.  But I'm happy it all turned out well. It made me stronger, and I never knew I possessed such strength. God has been my fortress, and I'm forever grateful.

 Three things kept me sane during this period, which includes:reading, writing and listening to music.

I'm learning to take life one step at a time, accepting my unique being and just keep doing what makes me happy without seeking anyone's  validation.  I read because I find solace in it, I write because I get to unleash every pent up feelings inside of me. People tell me I'm quiet, some describe me as been too laid back, others call me miss goody two shoes, while some even say it to my face that i'm snub. I really don't blame them all, they just don't understand the mystery behind my existence, and I'm not ready to let them know. If that is what they choose to believe, well I leave them to it.

A wise man once said that, if you judge a person based on what you hear about them from others, then a fool is much more intelligent than you. Have you tried making excuses for those you discard as being a 'snub' or 'unfriendly'? Do you know the story behind their actions and attitude?

Everyone has a story to tell, a prostitute was once a virgin, so always make excuses for others before writing them off and always try as much as possible to see beyond their facade and find out what exactly is going on in their life before jumping into conclusion.

You can never please everyone in life, so instead of waiting earnestly for people's cheap praises, why not just be your own cheerleader and develop a thick skin? Over the past few months, i've learned to embrace everything life throws at me, in the end it will definitely make me a better person. I have decided to be unapologetic about my mystery, I don't need anyone's validation, I cannot please everyone so I  have decided to live my life the way it pleases my creator.

My philosophies in life are; live and let others live, love everyone and everything that crosses your part by so doing you are actually loving a part of you and finally, be the change you want to see  in the world.

This year is definitely going to be a great year. Make sure you keep coming back for more scintillating and informative articles.

Happy new year once again.

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  1. Yippee! You have given us so much delight by snaring us with the ardour of your words, and no doubts your gifted "words" is making the world a better place. Do not stop being the voice for humanity.

    And as to your critics, please let them be your wings with which you soar to the up, untouched where you desired. Be aware that Writers like you're come bizarre to the blindfolded– for the do not see the mystery of these things you see. Do your thing, live your life and enjoy the cuddles of topmost top attainable hereafter. Special delights!

  2. Awwwwwn. Thank you so much Seun.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.