by - January 29, 2018

Blame,that sanctuary everyone is always quick to run to when the going gets tough. The already made excuses we are always quick to offer when everything comes crashing down. The same thing our politicians use whey they fail to meet up to their expectations, the same weapon a husband uses when he is caught cheating, that same tool a student uses when caught in an examination malpractice and once again, the same weapon a woman uses to sell her body for money because of the hardship in the land. The recipient of this blame is always the devil. Yeah, the same one that was banished from heaven. Indeed, this guy is really mischievous and brutal owing to the stories we've all heard about him. But please, this poor guy should be given a break.

As an adult, there are somethings that are expected of you. There are things you should know and when you fall short of this, never heap the blame on someone else, instead; take the responsibility for your actions. Don't tell that lady she trapped you with pregnancy just because she very much wanted to get married to you. You're as guilty as she is. It takes two to tango, she didn't sleep with herself to conceive.  You didn't think it was necessary to strap up when getting intimate with her, to protect youself from being an unprepared father, and most importantly preventing yourself from contracting those deadly diseases out there. You decided to take all chances, and now you suddenly think the lady is a witch that has been  sent from your village people to disrupt your life plan? No, you are responsible for your misfortune.

For the lady, you have a duty to protect yourself. Yeah sex is great and all but remember a man and a woman is different biologically, and you will be the recipient of the end result of your risky escapades. It is not a crime for a woman to embrace her sexuality, in fact,it is a good thing when a woman acknowledges the fact that she do have sexual urges like her male counterparts. But that doesn't mean you always have to act on it, that is what makes us better than animals, because we as Humans have a better sense of reasoning and judgement.

But what I find disturbing is the usual line some women are always quick to use when a sexual relationship doesn't work out. It is usually' he used and dump me' how exacly did that happen? You knew what you were signing up for, not so?and God forbid, if they should eventually get pregnant it is usually the ' he got me pregnant' line as if she wasn't aware of getting intimate with the guy in the first place. Think twice before you murder (abort) that innocent soul, if you're old enough to have sex, you should be ready to stand by its consequences. The only exception in this case is when a woman is being raped or if the woman's life is in danger and the baby really has to be terminated to save her life.

The importance of taking responsibility for your actions cannot be overemphasised. If anything, it actually makes you a better person. No matter what life throws at you, you will be ready to embrace it. Every human is responsible for his or her misfortune, whatever action you carry out; which could either make or Mar, just know you're the architect of whatever outcome eventually comes out of it.

Don't tell me the recession in the land made you become an Internet fraudster. One thing I find annoying about these guys is the number of hours they spend in chatting with their clients. That same time that could have been used for something productive, like reading to have a sound and better mind,sharpening their computer design skills which could fetch them some bucks to keep body and soul together and list goes on, is usually used for counter productive acts.  I always cringe at their ostentatious lifestyle, it never ceases to beat my imagination how porous and shallow minded they can be. Stop using the bad governance in Nigeria as an excuse, our leaders have failed up woefully, they are all greedy louts who are only concerned about their pockets. But that still doesn't justify your heinous acts.

 You don't have to swindle innocent people of their money because you very much want to buy a  'big suv' to impress the shallow minded girls. Yes, it is only a shallow minded girl like yourself,who has no substance, morals and most especially has nothing to offer that will be swayed by your outrageous lifestyle.They glady sell their bodies to you, and you in turn shower them with your ill gotten money. Yes! the land is bad, but people are still surviving. I've good guys around me who would rather work hard to make ends meet than to engage in what you call 'the easy way out'. They do not have two heads, they also live in Nigeria. So what exactly is your excuse? You really think it's cool swindling people right? Well good news, karma is just right around the corner. And when it finally comes knocking, please be ready to hold up to it and embrace it warmly.

Accepting responsibility increases your personal growth and level of maturity. No human is infallible, we all make mistakes.  No one was born perfect. Our imperfections keep us alive, motivating us to push farther and farther. So next time you want to blame the devil, or your sweet,wrinkled, old grandmother in the village or any other person at all; just know you are the architect of your being. Your future will always serve as a constant reminder and reflection of your 'today', so therefore, make today count.

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  1. A bliss is it , to the society, when she has great mind like this, that crave humanity in her– by ringing words to the ears of those who would hear. And it's no doubt, that indelibly, you're such of those beautiful hearts entrusted to this generation. To give her the piety that's demanding at this point in time. I must thank you for a job well done.