by - February 08, 2018

"Where does it hurt mama?" The little girl whispered into her mother's ears quietly, wishing she could stop pain that was throbbing all over her mother's body.

She had a dull pain clouding her forehead which she got when her father pushed her while he was thrashing her mother, but that wasn't important now, her only source of joy was in pain and the only wish she had was to make it all go away.

Her mother's left eye was swollen now, with scars seating gorgeously all over her body, the previous ones and the one she just got from her husband that evening. She didn't reply her daughter, instead she kept thinking of a way to leave the beast of a man she called her husband, he had promised her family that he would never lay a finger on her again after leaving her bedridden for several weeks in the hospital.

Her mother encouraged her to go back to her "man" and fight for her marriage, as if that was achievement every lady must be proud of. She listened to them and returned after several pleading from both her husband and her parents. Even if she didn't want to go back to her husband, she had to go back for her daughter, their only child, the only source of compensation for all her anguish.

She looked up at her daughter and replied her eventually,"everywhere my baby, everywhere. But it Will all end soon". She knew she didn't have much time any longer, she wish she could buy more and make everything perfect but there was nothing she could do about it.

So at night, when mother earth turned into thin air and yearned for her, she tried to fight it but with the gnash on her forehead throbbing viciously and her unsteady heartbeat somersaulting rhythmically, she conceded to go enjoy the serenity forever without hindrance.

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