by - November 15, 2018

Hello lovelies,

It's been a minute!!! I know I have not been posting articles regularly on the blog (guilty as charged). I'm so sorry guys. I have been very busy at school, but I promise to be more consistent this time. Guess what guys? The blog is a year older today!!! Yes! We made it. It has been an amazing journey guys, I could never have done this without you all. I remember this time last year when I just started blogging, I had so many fears about what the outcome would be. I had so many questions, thinking I might not be able to deliver. Looking back now, I can only say I'm happy I made that decision last year to become a blogger.

The journey has been a roller coaster, but with the help of few real friends ( most especially my big brother) I have been able to forge ahead. It's been amazing having you guys with me all through it. Thank you so much for reading my articles, thanking you for sharing them, thank you for the lovely comments. I really do appreciate them all. I almost gave up, because i felt discouraged;but the comments kept me going,which energised me to go on. There's this positive vibe attached to being commended,which you guys have shown to me first hand.

So here is the big question I'm sure you all have on your lips: The blog is a year older now, what exactly should we look forward to? Trust me guys, there are so many things I'm sure you all can't wait to discover. First off, there will be a drastic change to the blog. Yes! I know you all excited already. I am constantly embracing change. I will be introducing new segments to the blog,which will keep you glued  and most importantly, satisfy your cravings and keep you asking for more. I am sure you all can trust me to  deliver right? Yes, I thought as much.  So guys, just see this as a tip of an Iceberg. Be ready to embrace fresh contents on the blog.

Finally guys, it's amazing to be called "The Blogger". Thank you so much once again for appreciating my art and trusting me to deliver.  I will never let you all down.

Cheers to another 365 days of scintillating innovations to the blog.

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