by - January 02, 2019

We all started 2018 with a burst of freshness, and it's amazing that it has  finally come to an end. A lot of people made so many resolutions they could not keep up with in the just concluded year. I for one had so many plans I really wanted to achieve, but hey I'm only human, so I do not in anyway feel bad for not executing all my plans.It is totally pardonable if you were unable to achieve every of your plans last year too.You do not have to be too hard on yourself. 2019 marks the beginning of another 365 awesome days. So why do you have to whine about the things you couldn't get done last year, when you have the whole of this year to put into action whatever it is you desire?
I know you probably feel bad that you don't have much going on for you, and you think this new year looks bleak already. However, you can make the best out of this year. Remember, it is never too late to start. Maybe, just maybe you have been channeling your energy towards counter productive actions, which has had an unpleasant effect on you. So what exactly are those things you have to take into consideration to have a better year?
1. Do Not Set Unrealistic Goals
We always tend to mount pressure on ourselves all in a bid to reach a certain goal we've set. Often time, when the plan goes contrary to what was envisaged initially, we tend to feel miserable about it; which may ultimately have a sort of effect on us psychologically. Now, do not get me wrong. I am not in anyway disputing the fact that it is actually okay to set targets for one's self,but it becomes a problem when you know deep down that you're not in anyway capable of achieving this goal of yours at the stipulated time you've set out for, but you're so hell bent on making it a reality anyway without any proper preparation. I'm sure we all know what the outcome would be right?
It's just like a lazy twenty year old lady or guy without any form of education or skill, aspiring to be a millionaire before the age of twenty-one. How exactly is this supposed to work out, when the person in question is not in anyway equipped for such? This right here is a classic example of setting an unrealistic goal. Is it impossible to be a millionaire before the age of twenty-one? Of course not, but there must have been some sort of undergoing procedures to make this a reality. The long and short of this gist is, do not set unrealistic goals.
2. Stop The Comparison
Are you the type that constantly compare your life with that of your friends? You feel like a terrible loser whenever your friends post their pictures on social media, making you resent your uneventful life. You desperately crave that kind of life oblivious of the golden adage that states that  "All that glitters is not gold" You see, that friend of yours who is slaying all over the Internet might be in neck deep debt or probably borrowed the outfit from someone but will still pose for the gram just be to keep up with the charade. People portray a perfect life on social media just to feed their fragile egos and also to deceive their gullible friends. Be wise and stop craving someone else's life. Embrace every bit of yourself, and appreciate your worth. Things might be a little bit rough for now, but that does not make your friend better than you are. You really have to stop the comparison to have fruitful year.
3. Be Grateful For Your Little Accomplishments
I know we all want that big break that will turn our lives around for good, but when things do not work out as expected, celebrate the little things you've achieved and be grateful for them. We are always fixated on the things that have gone awry, forgetting the one thousand and one amazing things in our lives. You need to cultivate the habit of being grateful to have a successful year.
You do not have that car you've been saving up for yet? Be grateful for the gift of life instead. Waking up each day is an accomplishment on its own. So why are you being ungrateful, whining like a spoilt brat when there's someone who would gladly trade places with you. Be grateful for the people in your life. Appreciate their little efforts and get rid of you sense of entitlement mentality.
4. Let Go of Every Negativity
It's a new year, embrace the feeling of freshness that comes with. Purge yourself of every negative vibe and make room for fresh innovate ideas. We often time  dwell on petty things which always reduce our level of productivity. Try as much as possible to get rid of the toxic habits in your life, and embrace a positive vibe. Call that friend or friends you're not on good terms with, and end every squabble with them .How many people do you intend to cut off from your life by keeping malice with them? You do yourself a lot of disservice by allowing negativity consume the whole of you. Your mantra for this year should be: Good Vibes Only. Trust me, you will be happier and more productive with this type of mentality. Life is not so difficult, embrace positivity this year.
5. Develop Yourself
The importance of this cannot in anyway be overemphasised. The world is growing so fast, and I'm sure you do not want to be left out. There are so many things you can try out to make your life better this year. Try as much as possible to invest in yourself. No amount spent on enhancing your development is a waste. Read more books this year to further aid your reasoning faculty. Take professional courses to make your CV look more attractive.  Learn a skill you're passionate about and bring into life your creativity.  Work on your deficiencies. Embrace constructive criticism, and keep working to be a better version of yourself. Do not mount unnecessary pressure on yourself, map out realistic goals and work hard to make them a reality.

This year will be good one for us all. Thank you all for the love you've shown me, I really do appreciate. Cheers to celebrating more years with you all.

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