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I have been battling with "Reading Slump" for the past two months now. It is a reader's worst nightmare. It is a condition in which a reader finds it difficult to read just any book at all. I'd like to refer to myself as an avid reader who finds solace in reading. But I was surprised when I found out around late last year that I was losing interest in reading. Tragic right? Yes, I know. And so, last Saturday night, while I was ravaging the internet, looking for a beautiful piece to get me out of my misery, then I found The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks.

Nicholas Sparks is one of my favourite writers, so when I stumbled upon his debut novel: The Notebook(the same one that shot him into the limelight) I was intrigued and really excited to read it. The way he effortlessly plays with words always leaves in me a deep feeling of awe for his level of creativity. I had read one of his novels a few years back titled: The Last song, and till date, I still savour the very feeling the book brings to me. (I might make a review about the book soon).

I downloaded the book excitedly and started reading it immediately. I came across an amazing quote from the beginning of the novel, and right at that moment, I knew I wasn't going to drop the book until I was feeling sleepy. Here is the quote that kept me glued to the novel:

"I am nothing special, of this I am sure. I am a common man with common thoughts, and I've led a common life. There are no monuments dedicated to me and my name will soon be forgotten, but I've loved another with all my heart and soul, and to me, this has always been enough."
This right here begins one of the most captivating and enchanting love stories I  have ever read. I know you guys are already salivating for the review. I can't wait for it myself. So, let's delve right into it. The Notebook is a beautiful love story, which explores the awesomeness of true and undiluted love. It centred on two teenage lovers from different backgrounds entirely. I know you think the plot sounds cliche, but Nicholas found a way to defamiliarise this cliche plot into a refreshingly, wonderful love story.

Allie Nelson, a fifteen years old teenager from a wealthy background spent her summer in a small town in New Bern. There, she met the love of her entire existence: Noah Calhoun; a 17 years old boy who happens to come from a modest background. But love knows no boundary, so the two fell in love almost immediately. Noah made Allie's summer eventful, exposing her to the different beauty of nature. However, after the end of the summer, Allie had to return to the city with her family, which subsequently put an end to her relationship with Noah. For the next two years, Noah kept writing letters to Allie, but he never got a single response. He moved on with his life and later relocated to New Jersey where he worked at a scrapyard for some time, before going off to go fight in Europe in the World War II.

Fourteen years after, the lingering feeling never left either of them. They kept searching for that missing piece in their lives, just to fill the void that has been left unattended to for a very long time. Allie went on to college and majored in Art. She had to abandon her penchant for creating beautiful artworks because no one really encouraged her, and her parents on the other hand never approved of it. She eventually got engaged to a very successful lawyer from her background which her parents approved of. But time and again, she found herself craving for that missing piece in her life.

Fate would eventually bring them together in the most subtle way. Allie got to know about her long lost love(Noah) in the newspaper. He had just bought a house of over two hundred years old and he was renovating the house when the media crew decided to publicize it. She knew right there that she had to find him, although it was only three weeks away from her wedding. She proceeded to New Bern, the same place she had fallen in love with her one true love fourteen years ago, just to see Noah for the last time. She had lied to her parents and her betrothed that she was going to New Bern to get antiques for the wedding and also to get away from the stress of the wedding. Neither of them had questioned or doubted her.

It was a beautiful reunion when Allie finally set her eyes on Noah after fourteen whole years! They fell in love with each other all over again and Allie had to eventually let go of her engagement to the lawyer. She chose to stay with the man that completes every fibre of her. The man who was her biggest cheerleader, who always read poetry to her whenever they were together. The man who never doubted her ability for once, and who loved her more than life itself.

The concluding part of the novel focused on the two lovebirds who were both advanced in age but whose love kept growing even stronger. Allie was diagnosed with Alzheimer, but her husband's love never withered for a second. This part of the novel actually brought tears to my eyes. I just couldn't comprehend how someone could love another person so dearly even after forty-eight years of marriage. Noah never failed to read her poetry from his infamous Notebook.

Although she could not remember anyone at that stage, her husband's loyalty never wavered. Everyone in the hospital they were both admitted knew about their beautiful love. Noah was partially paralyzed and was in constant pain himself, but that never kept him from spending time with his wife who never remembers him most of the time. But this didn't deter Noah one bit until the woman eventually acknowledges his presence and reaffirmed her love to him in spite of her condition. The doctors concluded that it was a miracle, but truly, it was actually the potency of their love that made that happen.

The Notebook cured me of my reading slump. I just couldn't let go of it. At a point, however, I had to drop it because I couldn't withstand the level of emotion emanating from the book. I kept wiping my tears and smiling. Yes, I'm that emotional. This book has left a huge impression on me, that true love really exists. It is an amazing, thought-provoking, inspiring and enchanting love story everyone should read. I rate it a ten out of ten. 

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  1. Great review. I love the notebook so much too.

    1. Yeah. The Notebook is an amazing book. Thanks for stopping by.